Minnesota Youth Reading Awards

MYRA Membership Information

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Membership benefits include voting privileges for both the Maud Hart Lovelace AND the Star of the North Book Awards. Members also receive access to numerous resources and perks related to the current year's nominees. Our sponsors provide us a variety of MYRA "goodies" (posters, bookmarks, etc) that we distribute in an August or September mailing.

Membership runs from sign-up through April 24th of the nominee year. Renewals for the next year of MYRA begin on May 1.

Individual School and Library Branch Memberships

​Individual school and/or libraries seeking annual membership should use the electronic form below. Information and payment is securely completed in minutes through PayPal. Annual membership for schools and libraries is $15.

Districts and Large Group Memberships

Large groups are also welcome to sign-up for MYRA memberships on a per-site basis. Each site/school/library branch membership is $15. Please designate one point-person in our form who can pay for invoices. Each site contact person will be added to our membership list. Our online form has options for a single site, two or three building memberships.

If you require more than 3 buildings, please email treasurer@myrahome.org so our treasurer can create a special bundled membership for you. In your email, please include this form filled out with contact information.

Commercial and Organizational Sponsorships

Commercial vendors, bookstores, and large, non-commercial organizations are welcome to contact the MYRA Treasurer regarding annual sponsorship. Please email treasurer@myrahome.org for more information.

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